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The blue mantle of Our Blessed Mother represents Her protection over us.


Our Blessed Mother’s white tunic represents all apostolates. This includes both consecrated such as priests, deacons or sisters and also those that are not consecrated such as a lay missionary. This tunic is tied by a belt which has no buckle. The belt represents obedience to the church, its dogmas and teaching. The belt has no buckle because this obedience to Christ teaching is absolute. This does not mean obedience to a representative Our Holy Mother Church. This is obedience to its dogmas and teaching only.


This brooch represents her children that our faithful to their calling and form part of her special children which promulgate the true teachings of Christ through the participation of the Sacrament, praying five mysteries of the most Holy Rosary Daily and promulgating Our Blessed Mother as Mother of the Church on earth.


Our Blessed Mother’s sandals are painted brown. Everything painted brown applies directly to us. Our Mothers Sandals represent our diligence in serving God and others. By virtue of our baptism, we are all called to be apostles to bring others to Christ through our word and example. This is a mandate each and every one of us has as children of God.


Our Blessed Mothers belt is painted brown which means it applies directly to each and every one of us. This belt has no buckle but rather is a single piece representing obedience to the established dogmas and teachings of Our Holy Mother Church.


The rosary is also painted brown corresponding directly to us. Our Mother asks to pray five mysteries of the holy rosary daily.


Our Blessed Mothers Crown represents the Seven Sacraments from which we receive Sanctifying Grace with the center star representing the Eucharist, which IS the body and blood of Christ. Our Mother ask us to participate frequently of this Sacrament. The seven stars also represents the seven virtues and the opposite of the virtues which are the capitol sins. These are explained in more detail in the other section.